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kissEs dOn´t alwAys mEan .sOmethiNg.

after a while you learn the difference between holding a hand & falling in love.
you begin to learn that kisses don't always mean something and promises can be broken, just as quickly as they are made.
and sometimes.. goodbyes really are F 0 R E V E R !
25.4.07 12:34


<" In jedem Fighter brennt ein Feuer,
die Frage ist nur, ob es dich verbrennt
oder heiß macht.
Entweder verbrennt es dich,
oder du verbrennst deinen Gegner. "
3.11.06 20:40


now where's the shit? the shit? the shit! ni99a whutsupp man? come on kill that noise man, let's just get the shit, don't worry, you will get the shit, you will be, knee deep in shit!


i'm a G, you can't see me and that must be, why you're talkin'.. shut your mouth bitch. i'm the shit, and you know, it, never stops, there's no stoppin'... it don't stop ni99az. light a lo', blow a smoke, oh, as i cruise, streets of Compton!.. roll out the six fo, six trey, glass house, '57 Chevelot, tell them ni99az.


i let the whole world know that i can't be stopped,.. yeahh ni99az i said it, and i’ma stay on top, like a hoodrat with bomb ass cock, run up in 'em like these rap ni99az, i ain't gotta clap ni99az,.. end your career with one line like that ni99az, hit the switch front and back, make it bounce, let it jump, killa-for-ni-a is where i'm from, 3 wheelin' with the ass out, smoke chronic 'til i pass out,... now bitch hit the weed and turn that ass round, westcoast ni99az still holdin' shit down,...


30.10.06 01:47


crack that dutch.. roll that purple up..
bitches slackin and they mackin! ..
sippin and they pimpin .. glad i got you baby! ...
you're the only one i can count on man
ma crunch man! ..
23.10.06 01:07